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If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. When completing the donation, feel free to commit to donating on a monthly basis as well. As always, any donation is greatly appreciated.

One of the objectives of Americas 4 Africa is to improve the quality of health delivery and education in Africa. We have chosen the following hospitals in the Oke Ogun region of Nigeria to provide immediate assistance:

General Hospital Ado Awaye
General Hospital Iseyin

General Hospital Ighana

General Hospital Iwere Ile
Our Lady’s Catholic Hospital Iseyin
Baptist Medical Centre Okeho
State Hospital Saki
Muslim Hospital Saki
UCH University College Hospital in Sepeteri
State Hospital Igbeti
State Hospital Igboho
State Hospital Kishi
General Hospital Okeho
Baptist Medical Centre Okeho
Nasfat Medical Centre Okeho
Baptist Medical Centre, Ilero
General Hospital, Tede
General Hospital, Ago Amodu

Recently, the following hospitals have completed Needs Assessments:

Our Lady’s Catholic Hospital in Iseyin

Baptist Hospital in Saki

UCH University College Hospital in Sepeteri

Baptist Medical Centre in Okeho

NASFAT Medical Center in Okeho

Cleft & Facial Deforestation Foundation

These hospitals are in the same region of Oyo State but have been cut off or neglected by the country.

They have relatively no supplies for a region of about 100 square miles and a population larger than 2 million.

Your generous donations of any amount will help us to ship the in-kind donations of medical equipment & supplies to these hospitals.

Any amount you give will be appreciated with a 501(c)(3) certificate to deduct it from your 2021 tax return.




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