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Mr. Dada is an International Trade Specialist who leverages finance to supply critical industrial machines and equipment to qualified African governments and importers. A former banker from Nigeria, Mr. Dada graduated in 1978 from the University of Illinois-Circle Campus with a B.S.C. in Accounting, and he later obtained his MBA from Roosevelt University in 1981. 

As the President of KOFA International,  Mr. Dada has been taking American companies and banks to Africa quarterly and very effectively uses  EX-1MBank  programs to facilitate exports to Africa while helping  African companies to build capacities and have access to low-cost,  short-  and medium-term facilities that are usually non-existing in Africa for development, and are very expensive when they do exist.

Mr. Dada provides global business and financial solutions to African Governments and Private Sector African Businesses using the USA ECAs and private funding to build Africa and Nigeria in particular.

Kofa uses Exim Bank Programs to build Credit Worthy Nigerian and African Businesses that DFI-Direct Foreign Investments will follow to Nigeria and Africa to develop private sectors that will employ people when they are creating wealth with US Equipment, Machineries, Technology and Services. The company also creates markets for Nigerian and African Products in USA under AGOA.

Mr. Dada has helped many American companies to do successful businesses in Africa in areas including,  but not limited to, international trade, consulting, project development, project identification, and trade and development finance facilitation.  He frequently travels to Europe and Africa in developing markets and finding ways to create markets for American products abroad as well as African products in the U.S.A.

He started exporting U.S. goods to London and France in 1984 and later to Ghana, Togo, Benin, and Nigeria.   He was part of the historic 2000-2001 mission by U.S.D.A.  To four African countries with leading U.S. companies and banks to Senegal, Morocco, Ghana, and Nigeria.  He has since gone on many other trade missions to Africa.

Mr. Dada the Former Chairman of NIDOA-Nigerian in Diaspora in the Americas and the current President

CEO of KOFA International Co.

He has served on many board positions in organizations over the years such as:

  1. Local School Board at Alcott Elementary School Chicago

  2. Advisory Board Member of Third Age YMCA Chicago

  3. President & Board Member of Continental African Chamber of Commerce (CACC), USA Chicago 

  4. Chairman of the Board of Nigerians in Diaspora, USA (NIDOA)

  5. President of Kofa International Co. USA  

  6. President & Founder of Americas 4 Africa

  7. President & Founder of African Youth Relief Initiative

  8. Board Member of Housing Cooperative in Chicago

  9. Member of Project C.U.R.E. Chicago Ambassador Board

He was recognized twice by the George W. Bush administration for his achievement in using EXIM Bank programs to build capacities for both public entity like Lagos State government and many qualified private-sector importers with made in the United States of America from the $1 billion program for Nigeria.

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